Monday, December 2, 2019-Thursday, December 19, 2019 (13 seats remaining)
                      Classes Held: Mon.-Sat. (first 2 weeks), Mon.-Thurs. (last we​ek)​​

Friday, December 20, 2019-Tuesday, January 7, 2019 
(16 seats remaining)
                 Classes Held: Every day of the week (OFF: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Day) 

Local Driving School

C.O.P.S. Defensive Driving Academy, L.L.C.



​​The Teen Driver Education Course provides adolescents ages 15-17 with the knowledge and safe driving techniques to access their first-time drivers license.

Teen Driver Education Course ($50.00 DOWN to START the Course!) * Payment Plan Available

After spending years protecting your children from all sorts of dangers on the road and off, you now face the prospect of handing them the keys to the family car.  It’s time for them to learn how to drive.  Are you prepared?  At C.O.P.S. Defensive Driving Academy, L.L.C. we will help you mold your teen into a safe, courteous, and responsible driver through our up-to-date training materials in the classroom, hands-on activities, guest speakers, videos, and behind-the-wheel lessons.

Teen Driver Education Course Includes:

Cover the Subject Area of Road Signs and Road Rules

Road Signs Test

Road Rules Test

32 hours of Classroom Instruction (16 days; 2 hours per day)

7 Hours of Behind-the-Wheel Lessons 

7 Hours of Observation of Another Student Driver

Official State Certificate of Completion (DE-964)

Classroom Instruction Expectations:

Classroom Instruction: Consists of 32 hours of classroom (16 days/2 hours a day)

Students must be prepared with their school materials on a daily basis: 1 in. binder, pkg. paper, highlighter, pen/pencil.

Texas Driver's Handbook (can be printed out & found under the Forms/Links tab on our website)

Classroom Instruction Make-Up Days: A full hour of absence is charged to the student when he/she does not attend the full 55 minutes of instruction during a 60 minute period.  If a student is absent in excess of 10 classroom hours (5 days), the student enrollment will be terminated.  If the student fails to successfully complete the 32 classroom hours and behind the wheel phase within the 6 months, this school is required to contact D.P.S. and cancel learner's permit.

Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Expectations:

Behind-the-Wheel Instruction: Consists of 7 hours behind-the-wheel and 7 hours of in-car observation (2 hours per day)
It is the responsibility of the Parent/Student to come into our office during business hours to schedule all driving lesson appointment times.  A parent must accompany their teen to schedule lessons and student must have valid permit on-hand.  If you need to re-schedule an appointment you must come into our office during business hours to make changes.

Canceling driving appointments:

If you need to  cancel a drive time you must notify our office by calling 423-2677 during business hours or leave a message.  Monday-Friday driving appointments MUST be cancelled 24 hours in advance to avoid any fees (NO EXCEPTIONS).  Weekend appointments MUST be cancelled no later than Friday, 5:00 p.m. to avoid any fees (NO EXCEPTIONS).

Documents Required to Apply for Permit

  • Birth Certificate.  Original document or certified copy
  • Social Security Card.  Original document or certified copy
  • Verification of enrollment form (V.O.E.) from high school
  • School ID or school transcript
  • DE-964 Certificate provided by C.O.P.S. Defensive Driving Academy
  • $16.00 for D.P.S. for driving permit (Cash, credit card, check or money order is payable to D.P.S.)
  • D.P.S. application and supplement filled out entirely
  • Parent or Legal Guardian must have Texas ID or Texas Drivers License or Legal Residency 
  • 2 Utility bills under parent’s name. Must be current between 30 days no more than 90 days. Example of Utility bills that could be used are gas, water, light, cable, bank statement.  Parent must accompany ​student. 

Third Party Skills Testing Program:
The Third Party Skills Testing (TPST) program authorizes Commercial Driver Education schools that meet requirements set by the Department to administer the driving skills examination for a non-commercial Class C driver license.​

Approved Third Party Skills Testing schools may administer the driving skills examination to those who meet the following criteria:​ 

*Individuals 16 years of age or older

*Have held a valid learner license for a minimum of six months (the expiration date could be found on the back of their learner license)
*Possess a valid DE-964 showing completion of a Minors Driver Education Course

*Complete the 30 Hour Behind-the-Wheel Log

*Current Verification of Enrollment Form dated within 30 days of the skills examination.
* View & complete the Impact Texas Teen Drivers (ITTD) video and print a certificate dated within 90 days of the skills examination.
All individuals tested through the Third Party Skills Test program must complete the ITTD requirements, prior to taking their driving skills examination.        ***NOTE: Parent and Student must come into office to present all required documents listed above, pay for the test, and schedule appointment.

                                                           WE WILL NOT BOOK DRIVING APPOINTMENTS OVER THE PHONE.