Viviana Garza

July 15, 2016

C.O.P.S. Defensive Driving Academy is the BEST driving school to take Drivers Ed. The class instructor is very energeticand engages with the students to better understand the importance of observation while driving and how to avoid being in an unsafe situation. The driving instructors are patient and understanding to make you feel confident while being behind the wheel. I highly recommend this school to parents who want to put their teens safely on the road!

Alex Romero 
​June 23, 2016
The best driving school in town. You will feel the family environment as soon as you walk though the door. The instructors are all about the kids and making sure we know what we are doing before getting behind the wheel. C.O.P.S is the best driving school around.

Kris Nicole
July 15, 2016.
I really enjoyed my experience at C.O.P.S. The instructors are very passionate about teaching and care about the learning and safety of students. Every day I left with new found knowledge and a better understanding of driving. I highly recommend this program!

​​​​Jennifer Torres

March 22, 2015
I want to give You'll, Christina and Mrs. Guerrero a big Thank You for providing my son Rey with all the knowledge and experience to becoming an excellent and safe driver. I definitely have trust and confidence that he will follow the rules because he is now correcting me when I tend to make a mistake and I definitely appreciate that from him!! Thank You'll from the bottom of my heart for the excellent service you'll provide for our teenagers.

Andrea Salinas, 3rd Grade Teacher Lee Means Elementary

I am so happy to have selected C.O.P.S. Defensive Driving Academy, L.L.C. for my daughter. The people there are all wonderful and very knowledgeable. They are a great family owned business that show they truly care about their students. It pleased me to know that my daughter enjoyed her classroom instruction with Ms. Christina and her 2 driving instructors. They are all truly amazing people!  I know that C.O.P.S. Defensive Driving Academy, L.L.C. will be my choice for my two boys. I will definitely recommend C.O.P.S. to any parent. Thanks C.O.P.S. for the wonderful experience and for everything you taught my daughter.

Best of Luck and may your business continue to grow and prosper.


Claudia Salinas 
June 29, 2016
C.O.P.S. is the best driving school in Harlingen. There's no better place to go to if you want to be a good driver and learn the rules of the road. The instructors are really nice and helpful. I'm glad I went there and I definitely recommend it to everyone!

C.O.P.S. Defensive Driving Academy, L.L.C.